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Planning Your Ceremony

You may have already thought about some of the components you wish to include in your marriage ceremony. I will assist you in creating a beautiful, simple and stylish marriage ceremony.


This is your special day, you are declaring your love for each other publically in front of your family and friends. Your marriage ceremony is the opportunity to express; your love for each other, what marriage means to you both, and the commitment and values you share in front of your family and friends. 



Your ceremony will include all the required legal components.


Readings are a very special way that your loved ones can express their love for you or provide advice for your marriage. They can be chosen by them or by you. The lyrics to a song, an extract from a book, a special poem or even something your grandparents may have written to each other are all lovely ideas for readings. I can provide many samples of readings for your wedding ceremony for you to choose from.

There are the legal words you must say to each other and then there are your personal vows. Again I can provide you with ideas for your vows, this is a very special part of your ceremony and can be a promise to each other and an expression of your love for each other. You don’t have to memorise your vows, I will be there with you can either repeat them after me or read them to each other if that is preferable.


Incorporating Rituals into your ceremony can be another way of including people into your ceremony who are special to you. rituals can be quite symbolic and can offer more of a  cultural or religious element. Examples are:


  • Unity Candle - Consists of two slender candles (called tapers) and a large center candle. The Unity Candle Ceremony is a popular choice for both religious and non-religious ceremonies because it is non denominational and has no religious significance. The two outer candles represent your individual lives before today. They represent all that you are from your vast experiences, and they represent your individual families. As you each take a single candle and light the center candle, you will extinguish your individual candles.


  • Rose Ceremony - two wedding traditions in which roses are used. In one, the mothers are given roses as tokens of the bride and groom's love for family. This is often kept a secret from the family until the roses are presented. In another, roses are exchanged as the bride and groom's first gifts to one another as a married couple. 


  • Tribute to Parents - Honoring of the Parents, is a way to in commemorate the brides and grooms' parents.


  • Handfasting -  A handfasting is an old Pagan custom, dating back to the time of the ancient Celts. A handfasting was originally more like an engagement period, where two people would declare a binding union between themselves for a year and a day. In a 'Handfasting' ceremony the couple's hands are joined by coloured cords or ribbon as an ancient symbol of a union between two people. It is from this very old custom we get the expression "tying the knot".


  • Pouring of the Sands - The "Blending of the Sands" ceremony can be a beautiful and meaningful alternative to the " Unity Candle" ceremony. Like a Unity candle the pouring of two different colored sands together is used to symbolize the joining of the bride and groom and the joining of their families.


  • Ring Warming - Incorporating a ring warming into your ceremony is such a special way to involve all of your guests. A ring warming is when you give your loved ones the opportunity to hold and imbue your wedding bands with a wish, blessing or prayer for your marriage. By the time your rings make it on to your fingers they will be saturated with the love of your friends and family.


  • Drinking from a Scotish ‘Quaich’ - Scotland's cup of friendship, has been used through the centuries to offer a welcoming drink at clan gatherings and ceremonies




You may have spent a long time discussing your first dance song with your partner, but don’t neglect other important pieces of music you will need on the day. For your wedding ceremony songs, you will need to make at least two choices – namely, your processional and recessional songs.


A processional song is the music that the bride and bridemaids will walk down the aisle to this is a special time, taking the time to walk down the aisle and make a grand entrance. At the end of the ceremony, you as a newly married couple will leave the venue to your recessional music, which tends to be more upbeat than the processional.